+ National PBS Broadcast Series - Preproduction, Production and Postproduction

Broadcast to millions, these important and timely programs are created at Boyer Productions. Our work includes all aspects of preproduction including research, consultation and script; all means of production and element gathering; all types of postproduction including editing, effects, sound and music; and any digital variation needed for any form of distribution.

+ Long-Form Media - Preproduction, Production and Postproduction

Telling a story well is a challenge but to tell a story well enough to hold an audience’s attention for over an hour is a greater challenge. Imagine how many complex issues can be explored and how many arguments you can win when your story is presented using documentary film techniques.

+ Short-Form Media - Preproduction, Production and Postproduction

Boyer Productions has created a variety of short-form projects including business, corporate, commercial and political. Our work includes broadcast television, files of all flavors, even a few billboards and a sports arena showing.

+ Historic/Archival Media - Preproduction and Integration

One picture is worth a thousand words. Given a broader perspective, your message will resonate more deeply and last longer. We reconstitute historic images, words and sounds; weave them into contemporary stories that enhance the aesthetic experience and understanding.

+ Multimedia - Preproduction, Production and Postproduction

We recognize that a good story can be created in a variety of forms to inform, inspire and create change. We produce museum quality presentations, innovative media and music driven work that can shock and awe.

When you’re ready, we’d be pleased to apply our passion and experience to create the highest level of quality media for you. In whatever form is appropriate.


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